Skinny tyres and Mud!

Although I’ve dabbled in loads of different cycling disciplines, I’ve never tried cyclocross. To be honest I’ve never really understood why you’d choose to use a completely unsuitable bike to ride off road since the mountain bike has been invented, but when I found out a race was happening just down the road at Blackwell Court Adventure centre it seemed a great opportunity to go and check it out while taking a few pictures.

The weather was wet, the conditions were muddy but the atmosphere was great! Despite the cold, there were a fair few spectators and all the competitors ranging from the juniors right up to the semi pros seemed to be giving each race their all. I witnessed some great battles for position and  throughly enjoyed watching while trying to catch some images. I definitely think it’s something I’d like to have a go at in the future, after all its all cycling right?

DSCF2968-1 DSCF3003-3 DSCF3032-8 DSCF2984-2 DSCF3028-7 DSCF3022-6 DSCF3038-9 DSCF3008-4  DSCF3039-10DSCF3015-5

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